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An illustrated talk
by Bill Sergeant
on Wednesday 22nd November, 7.30 p.m. at the
Olive Mount Community Centre,
Edgewell Drive,
Liverpool L15 8GG

Bill Sergeant, Liverpool born and bred, served for 30 years with the Police before retiring in 1992 as a Detective Chief Superintendent. He has always been interested in local history, but developed a keen interest in the 'Liverpool Heroes' who served during the Great War. He has visited the battlefields and cemeteries many times, and has been closely involved with the commissioning and unveiling of various WW1 memorials.

While most of those commemorated are men, Bill has widened his research to cover the unsung heroines of the war - the young women who volunteered as nurses to serve in hospitals at home and abroad. This talk will give an overview of the structure and nature of nursing pre-1914, and then tell the stories of several nurses with local connections who lost their lives.

ALL WELCOME - Admission free
Donations invited

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