No.2 Eric Eborall

I was born in Everton, but my father's parents - Henry and Eleanor Eborall - are buried at Holy Trinity Wavertree. My paternal grandmother was Eleanor Walker, house servant to the Morrison family of building contractors. Eleanor was married in 1901 to Henry Eborall and I believe the wedding reception was financed by the Morrisons. The brother (Edward) of my great-grandfather John married a Sarah Grierson in 1845. Edward Eborall and his son Edward were joiners and builders based in Wavertree, and may have had links to the Morrison family.

When I checked the 1841 Census for Wavertree, I discovered that Edward (from the village of Nuthurst in Warwickshire) and his sister Elizabeth were visiting their maternal uncle and aunt, John and Elizabeth Fulford (also from Warwickshire). John's address was Sandown Lane. He was described as a master joiner and by 1851 had moved to the High Street (described in the Census as 'north side of Wavertree Village'). Edward obviously stayed in Wavertree and began working for his uncle, later continuing the business. Edward's wife Sarah Grierson was from Charlecote in Warwickshire. In the 1841 Census Sarah and her mother Ellen/Ellinor were living at Olive Mount Cottage, Wavertree. Her father was not recorded, but as he was in shipping I can only assume he was away elsewhere.

The houses 28 and 22 Orford Street were the homes of my great-grandfather (John Eborall) and grandfather (Henry) respectively. I managed to obtain a copy of the death certificate for my great-grandfather, and was saddened to learn that his death was caused by TB, from which he had been suffering for the twelve months prior to his death in 1886. He was employed as a cotton warehouseman and was only 56 years old when he died, his wife Anna at his bedside according to the certificate.

Edward had set up his builders business at 21/23 High Street, and his brother John moved to Wavertree in 1860 approx. with his wife Anna and three children. Their fourth child Henry, my grandfather, was born in Orford Street. Henry married twice, firstly to Mary Theresa Bowes, who died, and then to Eleanor Walker in 1901. Henry had a poulterer's shop and some land, and would take his horse and cart around Liverpool and sell to his customers. Initially the family lived in Glynn Street, but later moved to No.5 Wells Street.

Eric Eborall lives in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. If you have any historical information about the Eborall family in Wavertree, please let us know.

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