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Fieldway Green is one of the key features of the Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area. It was laid out in 1913 as the centrepiece of what the architect called 'Fieldway Square', and was the venue for that year's Summer Festival. It was also the scene of a community pageant, held in July 1914 to celebrate the laying of foundation stones for a new Garden Suburb Institute (never completed) in nearby Queens Drive.

Since 1971, when the Conservation Area was designated, the Green has been a vital part of its character. Since 1985, it has also been part of the setting of Listed Buildings (Nos 45-56 Fieldway). The City Council's Planning Department has recently told us that "it is difficult to imagine a use or development that would prove acceptable to us".

In spite of this, the Green is being advertised for sale by Auction on 28th March 2018 - described as "the Roundabout at the end of Fieldway, Wavertree" - with a Guide Price of £5,000. We have asked the auctioneers, Sutton Kersh, to justify this figure, and to make it quite clear to prospective purchasers that the land has no development potential, but they have declined, saying that "we are acting on behalf of the owner of the land and can only take instructions from our client".

The Green was last sold (in a previous Sutton Kersh auction) for £4,250 in 2005. We were told, at the time, that the buyer immediately regretted her decision, having discovered (too late) that the Planning Department would not even allow a fence to be erected to seal off access to the Green. (The private buyer had apparently envisaged using it in connection with her dog-walking business).

We continue to believe that a public auction is not the way to determine the future of this land. For over 100 years, now, it has been a community asset. In recent years, in spite of the Green being in private ownership, the surrounding residents have organised and paid for its upkeep, including the mowing of the grass and the trimming of the hedges. It would be unfortunate, to say the least, if it were to fall into the hands of someone who is unaware of its history, or unaware of the responsibilities of ownership.

Above: Morris Dancing
on Fieldway Green, 2013 & 1913

The residents of Fieldway, 2018

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