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Part 3
by Mike Chitty

Another three-township meeting point (Wavertree/West Derby/Childwall) was situated on the north side of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway line, immediately to the east of the original road bridge over the railway. Between the Rocket pub and Woolton Road the Wavertree/Childwall boundary ran along Priory Road (nowadays Queens Drive and Childwall Priory Road) before continuing in a straight line across farmland towards Gipsy Lane. This long stretch is devoid of boundary markers, but Ordnance Survey maps reveal that it followed field boundaries that are today a series of garden fences and sandstone walls. Between Childwall Abbey Road and Stand Park Road the township boundary ran along 'Rabbit Lane', a road which has now disappeared but the line of which is followed by the rear boundaries of the houses numbered 29-67 Highville Road. Further along, the Wavertree/Childwall boundary ran along the eastern edge of the Stand Park estate, i.e. the sandstone wall that today separates 14-60 Woolacombe Road from the grounds of Liverpool Hope University.

Between Woolton Road and Calderstones Road the adjacent township was Little Woolton. The Wavertree boundary followed the centre-line of Gipsy Lane and Druids Cross Road. The original site of the Calderstones - the small traffic island on Menlove Avenue opposite the entrance to Calderstones Park - was a longstanding landmark which was the junction of three townships: Wavertree, Little Woolton and Allerton. South of Druids Cross Road was Little Woolton, and south of Calderstones Road was Allerton. A boundary stone survives at the base of the Park wall, where LW (Little Woolton) met W (Wavertree).

Boundary stone near Calderstones Park entrance

(Left): OS map showing 'Rabbit Lane', 1908

Key to OS abbreviations:
BS=Boundary Stone, FW=Face of Wall, RH=Root of Hedge

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(Above): OS map showing
'Calder Stones', 1893

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