40 YEARS of the Wavertree Village Conservation Area

In fact the boundaries of the Wavertree Village Conservation Area, as designated by the City Council, differed slightly from the Wavertree Society's original proposal. The Society had suggested a compact area - excluding buildings on the periphery which were Listed and hence already protected - centred on the High Street and including Sandown Lane, Salisbury Terrace, Victoria Park, Hunters Lane and parts of Sandown Park, Mill Lane, Church Road North and Prince Alfred Road. The City Planning Officer added Grange Terrace, but excluded Monkswell Drive. The Liverpool Heritage Bureau (an advisory body) added parts of Picton Road (east of Wellington Road) and Church Road (including Holy Trinity Church and the Blue Coat School).

An immediate consequence of conservation area designation was that planning permission was required for works of demolition, and notice had to be given before any tree was lopped or felled. This was spelt out in our March 1980 Newsletter (No.16), a copy of which was hand-delivered to every property within the new conservation area. The City Council's powers of control were further increased in September 1982, when an 'Article 4 Direction' was made, requiring planning permission to be obtained for alterations to windows, doors, roofing materials, etc., which would normally be classified as 'permitted development'.

Left: The Advisory Leaflet issued by Liverpool City Council in 2009
(Click to view)

Above: Extracts from Wavertree Society Newsletters
No.13, Nov.1979
(top) and No.16, Mar.1980

The City Council later published two Advisory Leaflets, setting out the rules to be followed. Once again, we delivered copies of these, door-to-door within the conservation area: in 1983 and 2009.

Wavertree Village was Liverpool's 28th conservation area. John Harrison later wrote (in 'Arts Alive Merseyside' magazine, July/Aug 1981) that it was the first one where "the pressure to designate the conservation came entirely from local residents lobbying the City Council" rather than from officers within the Council's planning department.

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