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Right: The Abbey Cinema in 1979 (shortly after closure) and the
Co-op supermarket in 2011

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In our April 2020
Newsletter, we mentioned that we were trying to obtain information from Lidl about their intentions for the former Abbey Cinema building (which is not a Listed Building, but is situated within the Wavertree Village Conservation Area). Here is the latest news we have (as at 7th May 2020):

QUESTIONS emailed by the Wavertree Society to the CO-OP, 13 Apr 2020:
According to the Liverpool Echo, 4th March 2020 ... the Co-operative Food supermarket within the former Abbey Cinema at Church Road North, Wavertree is closing down. ...Could you please give me any information about this, as far as the Co-op is concerned. In particular, is the closure still going ahead? Has the building definitely been sold to Lidl?

Response received from Co-op Press Office, 13 Apr 2020:
"Thank you for your enquiry about the store in Church Road, I can confirm that the decision to close the Church Road, Wavertree, store was taken some time ago for operational reasons after much consideration. The decision to close any store is not taken lightly. Contracts have been exchanged for the building to be sold."

Questions emailed to the Co-op, 4 May 2020:
1. Does the Co-op still own the building?
2. If so, has the Co-op employed CTS Shopfitting to do any work?
3. If not, has the sale to Lidl been completed?

Response received from Co-op Press Office, 4 May 2020:
"Shopfitters have been on site removing internal shelving prior to the sale completing in the coming days. I would, however, need to refer you to Lidl for them to provide you with details of their plans for the site."

Update received from Co-op Press Office, 7 May 2020:
"Further to my previous note, the sale has completed."

LIDL's answers . . .

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