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40 YEARS of the Wavertree Village Conservation Area

The Wavertree Village Conservation Area became a legal entity on 8th February 1980. That event was the outcome of a short but successful campaign, led by the Wavertree Society (which had been founded 3 years earlier) and supported by our local Councillors, notably Len Tyrer.

In November 1978 we had enjoyed a talk on 'Conservation Areas' at the Wavertree Garden Suburb Institute; the Garden Suburb being, at that time, Wavertree's only designated conservation area. The talk was repeated, at Hunters Lane Congregational Church, in February 1979, because (as reported in our Newsletter No.8) "members of the Society have suggested that Wavertree Village and Victoria Park might also be considered worthy of Conservation Area status". The speaker on both occasions was the City Council's Conservation Officer, John Harrison, and the outcome, according to the April Newsletter, was that "the Society's Committee have prepared a report setting out the reasons why we feel the area qualifies for this status, and have sent copies to Councillor Tyrer asking him to bring the subject to the attention of the City Council".

In October the Liverpool Echo reported - under the heading 'Splendour of Wavertree gets set for a boost' - that the city's planners were recommending acceptance of the proposal. The Council formally agreed to this on 7th November 1979, and the conservation area became 'legal' three months later when an announcement was published in the Public Notices section of the Liverpool Daily Post.

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Above: Newspaper article from the Liverpool Echo, 27 Oct 1979, p.18

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