Our next meeting:
A presentation and discussion on Wednesday 29th September
(on Zoom) at 7.30pm

This is a 'members only' meeting. If you attended any of our previous Zoom events, you'll automatically be sent a link for this one a couple of days beforehand. Otherwise, if you're a Wavertree Society member with internet access and you wish to attend the talk, please send an email to this address
and we'll add you to the list (and send you guidance notes, in case you're new to Zoom).

Read more about the report, and the meeting . . .

A draft report on the possible remodelling of Wavertree High Street, as mentioned in our February newsletter, was released on social media for comments in July. It was entitled 'The Wavertree Way', and we'd like some feedback from our members to find out whether the proposals have general support and/or what changes to the proposals you'd like to see.

We've invited the report's authors, Richard MacDonald and Craig Forward, to give us a presentation.

In summary the proposals being put forward involve:
1. Introducing pedestrian crossing arrangements at the Picton Road/ Wellington Road/ Rathbone Road junction
2. Introducing planters and parking bays on the north side of the High Street (and the eastern end of Picton Road) to encourage visits to local businesses, reduce pavement parking and improve the pedestrian environment
3. Widening the pavements on both sides of the road, creating a 2-metre wide 'clearway' (for pedestrians, buggies and mobility scooters) free from bollards and lampposts, and introducing pedestrian friendly measures at side road junctions
4. Allowing for just one lane of traffic in each direction by reallocating the space currently occupied by the former bus lane
5. Remodelling the Picton Clock roundabout, reducing it to a single lane all round
6. Closing Lake Road to through traffic, converting part of it to a cul-de-sac car park and the eastern end into a pedestrian link between the village green and the swing park
7. Creating a new roundabout at the Childwall Road/ Mill Lane/ Lance Lane junction, to allow buses and other large vehicles to turn the corner from Childwall Road into Mill Lane.

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