Find the answer in this extract from Page 69 of  'Discovering Historic Wavertree':

Walk along Childwall Road, following the long sandstone wall behind which is the Olive Mount Wing of Childwall Comprehensive School (originally opened as Olive Mount Secondary Modern in 1951). The dual carriageway was laid out in the 1930s along the line of an earlier road: named as 'Moss Pit Lane' on the 1851 Ordnance Survey map as it ran towards Childwall across marshy ground. Walk past the school entrance, and stop about 20 yards before the next road junction.

A careful examination of the wall at this point will reveal two unusual stones - six courses up from the ground, and 40 feet apart - each carved with a row of four horseshoes. Wavertree folklore says that 'this is where the horse thieves were hanged', or alternatively (and less dramatically) that 'Shacklady's Smithy once stood near here'. Perhaps the stones are relics of the old smithy on Wavertree Green, demolished as a result of the Enclosure Act?

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