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Saturday 6th April, 10 a.m. - 12 noon
The Great British Spring Clean - organised by Keep Britain Tidy and sponsored by the Daily Mail - takes place between 23rd March and 22nd April. Gateacre's contribution will be a clean-up of the village centre, and the pavements leading out of it, organised by the Friends of Gateacre. Meet on the village green (Grange Lane/Gateacre Brow) ready for a 10 o'clock start, on Saturday 6th April. For details - and to register your interest in advance - please go to

You can find the details of the Great British Spring Clean here - and on the Daily Mail website. Also, visit our special Friends of Gateacre web page

As residents of Sandfield Road will be well aware, building work has resumed on the site of the former felt factory off Gateacre Brow. The skyline has been drastically altered as a three-storey apartment block has risen up. This is the final phase of the Brewery Gardens project, which was originally granted planning permission in 2006 and, with slight amendments to the footprint, 2016. We objected to the height of this newbuild component on both occasions, as did numerous local residents. However, our objections were overruled (as reported in our November 2016 Newsletter). The City Council's planning officers felt that an 'industrial scale' building would be more appropriate than the mews-style housing that we were suggesting.

Photographs taken from Sandfield Road in
March 2019

© Mike Chitty, The Gateacre Society

Read our Nov.2016 Newsletter report on planning application 15F/2296
(Contains links to relevant documents)

View our special Cleggs' Felt Factory (Gateacre Brewery)
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