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On 19th December, the Inspector Mr Martin Elliott issued his decision. The path linking Acrefield Road with Woolton Park via Glenacres and Byron Court is, as we had argued, a Public Right of Way. His decision was made on the basis of the Highways Act 1980. The evidence we had put forward of 20 years unhindered use from 1996 to 2016 (until a brick wall was built by the Byron Court management company) was accepted. The Inspector explicitly rejected claims by Byron Court residents that the evidence presented was the result of "over exuberance" or "collusion" instigated by the Gateacre Society.

Liverpool City Council has confirmed that it will now request the management company to remove at least part of the wall, so as to allow pedestrian access along the line of the public right of way. If the company declines to remove it, then the Council will issue an enforcement notice, undertake the removal of the wall itself, and look to reclaim the costs from the company.

Read more about the Inspector's decision
(and the evidence submitted during the Public Inquiry)
on the special Public Rights of Way
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THE MISSING PHONE BOX. BT claims that a 'notice of intended removal' was pasted on the kiosk at the corner of Grange Lane and Belle Vale Road in September 2016, and that Liverpool City Council was notified at the same time. However, we did not see the notice, nor do Council officers recall being consulted by BT. Investigations are continuing. If you remember ever seeing a notice on the box, please let us know as soon as possible.

Most of the 'missing' grass verges we identified have now been inserted by Countryside Properties. However, the originally-proposed verges either side of Chantry Road have not as yet been put in. The City Council apparently thinks that they would be damaged by turning traffic; but we are asking for this decision to be reconsidered.

City Council officers are still examining what can be done to improve the crossing outside Aldi, how much it will cost, and how it might be paid for.

We have contacted the owners of two prominent local buildings, which were the subject of questions at our A.G.M. in October. These are the former Gorsey Cop/ Grange Manor/ Crying Tree in Grange Lane, and the former Post Office/ Garfields shop (now a house) at 3 Gateacre Brow. We hope to be able to report progress in a future Newsletter.

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