In our January 2015 Newsletter we reported on a planning application to build a pair of semi-detached houses in South Station Road, on part of the Grange Lane Service Station site. No change was proposed to the existing garage/workshop buildings, apart from the demolition of one end of the main building to make way for the new development. Planning permission was granted in May 2015, but this permission has now expired. The plans have been re-submitted (as application 18F/3256) and we have once again objected. Our belief is that the granting of planning permission on just part of the site will limit the options for redeveloping the remainder - which, having been used as a petrol filling station, will require a great deal of money to be spent on decontamination. The whole site lies within the Gateacre Village Conservation Area, and we have always understood that the aim of this was to encourage 'enhancement' of the site, as the years went on, rather than preservation of the existing utilitarian buildings.

Photographs of Grange Lane Service Station in March 2019

© Mike Chitty, The Gateacre Society

Read the Case Officer's Assessment of the previous planning application (14F/1948)

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submitted with application 18F/3256

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