In April 2017 the City Council granted planning permission (ref.16F/1122) and listed building consent (ref.16L/1123) for the conversion and redevelopment of the former Gorsey Cop site in Grange Lane. The main building - which dates from circa 1870 and is Listed - is to be retained, and refurbished as 8 self-contained flats. The former 'Celebrations' functions suite alongside it (built in the 1980s) is to be demolished, and replaced by 3 newbuild units, while the former coach-house/barn alongside 25 Grange Lane is to be restored as 2 further dwellings. On the other side of the original house, a pair of semi-detached houses will be built on the former car park.

That is the plan - but in practice very little has happened on the site for many months now. We recently asked the architects for the scheme when we could expect to see progress. They told us that they are "no longer actively involved in the project My understanding is that the project is simply on hold and that the intention is to proceed at some time. We would hope to be involved if and when it does proceed, however that is of course a decision for the owner [Mr Lee Goldsmith]".

Photographs of the former Crying Tree pub in March 2019

© Mike Chitty, The Gateacre Society

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submitted with application 16L/1123

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