The recent wet weather has led to a rapid deterioration in the condition of the new grass verges on the west side of Grange Lane. When the redevelopment of the former Gateacre Comp School site was first proposed, we were assured that the existing raised verge - an attractive feature of the area for so long - would be retained. In the event, the whole ground level was lowered - but new verges were created by Countryside Properties in between the house driveways.

Following early damage to the newly-turfed areas, plastic posts and chains were provided by Countryside to protect them. Most of these barriers have, however, now been removed (to simplify mowing of the grass), and several of the verges have degenerated into muddy, rutted eyesores. Some of the residents have taken the trouble to replace the posts outside their own houses, and we hope that this will eventually become the norm. Meanwhile, we understand that other measures are being considered by the Council, in consultation with the residents, and we hope to be able to report on these options in due course.

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Below: Some of the Grange Lane verges photographed in December 2020

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