Our next talk (on Zoom):

by Bill Douglas
Monday 15th March, 7.30pm

This is a 'members only' meeting. If you attended either of our previous Zoom events, you'll automatically be sent a link for this one a couple of days beforehand. Otherwise, if you're a Gateacre Society member and wish to attend the talk, please email us  and we'll add you to the list (and send you guidance notes, in case you're new to Zoom).

It's 180 years since the appearance of the famed Penny Black, the first universal postage stamp in the world. Since then, nearly two centuries of change, development and progress have been captured and reflected in the thousands of small sticky squares of paper created by nearly every country in the world.

This illustrated and entertaining talk examines why the Penny Black came to be. It then looks at dozens of postage stamps from all corners of the earth, highlighting social change, conflict, celebration, struggle and the best of design. Some stamps are humorous, while others shock; the talk reminds us of the myriad of themes which have defined modern history. It concludes with a look at the rarest and most valuable stamps of all time.

Bill Douglas is an I.T. professional and a Modern Languages graduate. One of his favourite ways of relaxing after his day job in the NHS is to delve into his lovingly curated stamp collection. An out-of-the-blue aspiration to own a Penny Black led him into a burgeoning hobby, where he seeks out the most interesting and unusual stamps on the market.

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