The birth of Wavertree
Town Hall

On the front of the Town Hall - which, as a well-regarded restaurant and bar, is now back in business at the heart of Wavertree High Street - is the date '1872'. That was the year in which the foundation stone was laid by the Chairman of the Wavertree Local Board of Health, James Picton. At that time the Board's 'public offices' were in Chesnut Grove, in the Wavertree Baths Company's building that later became the OLGH Presbytery. Here are some extracts from the Board's Minute Book for that year:

January 9th:
Mr Thomas [the Board's Building & Lighting Surveyor] was directed to prepare suggestive sketches for new Offices, for the next meeting.

February 13th:
Moved by Mr Fingland, seconded by Mr Pearson, and Resolved unanimously, that the 'No.1' plan now produced be and is hereby adopted as a suggestive plan upon which to base the Plans for the proposed new public offices. Letters were then read from Mr Joseph Bratton, Architect, Liverpool, and from Mr John E. Reeve, Architect, Liverpool and Wavertree, respectively offering their services as Architect for the offices. Moved by Mr Thompson, Seconded by Mr Pickford, and resolved unanimously, that Mr John E. Reeve be employed as the Architect for carrying out the new public offices, and that he be paid the usual professional charges.

March 12th:
The architect (Mr Reeve) produced plans for the new offices, showing two front elevations. Ordered to be deposited in the Offices for the inspection of the public.

April 9th:
Mr Reeve attended with Plans. Moved by Mr Thompson, seconded by Mr Morgan, and Resolved unanimously That the plans as now submitted be approved, as to their general principle, with the adoption of the Italian front elevation and further that they be referred to the [New Public Offices] Committee to carry them out.

June 18th:
[13 tenders] received in pursuance of the public advertisement, were opened and read Moved by Mr Pickford, seconded by Mr Fingland, and Resolved unanimously, That the tender of Messrs Okills' and Morrison [£3364 15s 0d] be accepted, subject to the approval of the Local Government Board, and the obtaining of further power to borrow, not to exceed £5000 in the whole, and that the clerk do send up tracings of the plans, and a list of the tenders.

September 3rd:
Resolved unanimously, That the new premises now in course of erection in High Street, be called the "Town Hall, Wavertree" and that the foundation stone be laid on Friday the 13th instant at 2 p.m. by the Chairman, Mr Picton.

Above: The Town Hall as refurbished
in 1980

Above: Wavertree Town Hall circa 1900

Above: Wavertree Town Hall circa 1910

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